Become an active volunteer as an amphibian ranger

We train you – you help us protect amphibians

The habitats of the three species of amphibians in focus here require long-term care and maintenance. Volunteer amphibian rangers are to observe population trends, monitor the condition of terrestrial and aquatic habitats, report deplorable conditions and assist with actions such as counting, translocation, vegetation clearance and cleaning of waters in their assigned areas during the project, and particularly after it ends in 2025.

In 2019, the Biologische Station StädteRegion Aachen e.V. trained 20 participants to become amphibian rangers in a six-day training course. An additional course will take place in 2021 with 26 more participants. The only prerequisites for participation: commitment, a sense of responsibility and obligation. The basics are taught and practised in the course, and also afterwards in joint actions with staff of the Biological Station.

Looking after a nature protection area, tackling maintenance actions, observing and recording rare and threatened species of amphibians, sharing knowledge and experience, and enthusing others for protecting amphibians – all that is what an amphibian ranger can do. If you are interested in volunteering for this type of work, please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

PflegearbeitenKeeping terrain free by clearing vegetation from time to time can be one of the tasks of a ranger.© Biologische Station StädteRegion Aachen e.V.
Die Bestimmung der Tiere bildet den praktischen TeilOut in the field, aspiring amphibian rangers learn how to determine the different species of amphibians.© Martin Schlüpmann